We Shop BOPs

We Shop BOPs


A Black Retail Business

Located inside NoMa Warehouse 2222 Sumter street, Columbia, SC

Open Wed & Thur 2p -6p, Fri 2p-9p; Sat & Sun 11a-3p

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The Store


Store Location

Inside NoMa Warehouse

2222 Sumter St, Columbia, SC 29201

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We Shop BOPs
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Black Owned Products Founder
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About Us

Frustrated with limited options to support Black brands in person, Founder Layla Sewell, created a shopping experience where Black Businesses are supported and Black Americans are celebrated in Columbia, South Carolina. BOPs is a retail store where the variety of items are made by a Black creators from household cleaning products, health and beauty, home décor, and more!

Layla Sewell
CEO & Founder
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