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The security of your private information shared with us is crucial. Therefore, we thank you for the trust that you have put in us. Our site has taken various electronic, physical, and procedural measures to safeguard your privacy while rescuing your personal data.

Furthermore, we guarantee that your personal information is processed in accordance with its purpose and rights set out by law, governed by the current legal framework in the protection of personal information and area of privacy, particularly the compliances that are contained in Regulation with (EU) 2016/679 GDPR online protection ordinance, of the European Parliament and the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter known as “the regulations”) – as well as other applicable privacy and data protection laws, such as the national laws that complement the Regulation. We’ve designed this privacy statement to ensure that you are aware of the data we collect and the way we use it. This Privacy Policy has been expanded to apply to all our past and current customers as well as visitors to our site. Therefore, when you visit or browse our website, you are required to be aware of and accept the conditions in our Privacy Policy, and you agree that you will be bound by the policy as well as everything that follows.

In this privacy statement are the terms and conditions under which any personal information you give us whenever you visit or browse our website is handled. Any personal information we need from you as a user or visitor of our site is treated in accordance with the https://weshopbops.com/ privacy policies and will not be disclosed to other third parties unless specified in the same privacy policy.


When using our website, users consent to the storage, collection, and disclosure of their personal data according to the terms of this privacy statement and agree to the terms and conditions of this policy.

This Privacy Policy is not applicable to personal information if it becomes available to other parties due to the publication of personal information that is made public when using the various features offered by our website, for example, reading messages or comments on our website.

In other words, if a User’s post or message includes personal information and is uploaded by the user on a public page and the information is observed by third parties, as a result, the user may be able to receive unsolicited messages from them. The information or content users upload to our website that is accessible to third-party users is not considered to be personally identifiable and are which is covered by this privacy policy as well as the policies on the privacy of third-party. It is recommended that the user be aware of the privacy implications when publishing information.

1.1 Policy Review

The company has the option to review and alter this Privacy Policy periodically to improve it. The revised versions are on their website. We encourage you to go through and review this Privacy Policy regularly to ensure it is clear of modifications that have been implemented.

2.1. What is personal information?

The GDPR of an individual defines Personal data as information of any kind on the type that is related to the registered person. The person is said to be identifiable if it is possible to identify him in a direct or indirect manner through the use of his name or identification number, the location of his and electronic identifier, or other factors that allow his identification.

2.2. Which are individuals worried about?

This privacy statement covers all personal data that we gather from our business relationships with potential customers, suppliers, or customers in order to ensure compliance with all applicable legal requirements, as well as the personal data of visitors to our website.


This section in the Privacy Policy plans to outline the categories of information you gather.

The information collected by BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC is automatic:

  • When you visit our site, we automatically gather your basic information as well as the use you make of our website while browsing.
  • If you’re a registered customer of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC you have to reveal your first, and last name, and email address.
  • The aim of this data collection is to perform internal research conducted by BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC in order to learn about the interests as well as preferences of users to better know their needs and preferences and, as a result, enhance the quality of services. Supplied. It may also utilize this information to send out platform announcements, promotions, new dresses, beauty products, home décor, laundry, house cleaning, and discounts on existing products, and other information that may be important for the customer interested in new collections in the BOPs store.

You can provide us with specific personally identifiable information if:

  • Create a WESHOPBOPS account;
  • Comment on any of our listed products.
  • Gift certificates or purchase products via our physical store;
  • Contact us for support from our customer service department or make us a note of any other communications;
  • Participate in sweepstakes, contests, or offers;
  • You can sign up to receive special deals, or you are notified of them.
  • Join our newsletters to receive the news with email alerts and other special discounts;
  • Responds to questions;

Other instances in which Users can freely and spontaneously give their personal information to BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC;

  • All information necessary to formalize, execute, and administration of contracted services can be collected, which includes, but not only:
  • Contact information includes: name, address, e-mail, mobile phone; etc
  • Identification data: customer number; contract number;
  • Customer history: satisfaction rating; services rendered; local services provided; payment and purchase history
  • Others: device details; IP addresses;

Our website makes use of cookies and other cookie-type files to enhance the quality of our website as well as the services offered to users. The cookies utilized by https://weshopbops.com/ on all of its websites do not gather specific information about the user. They only store generic information, including the type and/or location where the user is able to access the site. And how the Sites are utilized. Cookies are used to store information related to the user’s preferences. The cookies we use on our website are as follows:

Permanent cookies: Cookies that are saved in your browser on your electronic devices (PC, mobile, tablet, and PC) and used every time you visit the WESHOPBOPS website time and time again. They generally serve to make navigation more relevant to the preferences of the user. This permits us to provide more personalized services;

Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that stay in the browser’s cookie files until you exit the site; therefore, there is no trace of the cookie on the user’s computer. The data gathered through these cookies can be used to analyze the patterns of traffic on websites that allow us to find issues and offer a more efficient browsing experience.

Analytics cookies: Cookies that do not store or collect any personal data regarding the user (e.g., your name, address); therefore, they can’t be used to track you. Instead, they are cookies that permit to count the number of people using the site and to perform an evaluation as well as statistical evaluation of usage of the services offered. They permit BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC to analyze the way users navigate its website in order to improve the range of products and services we provide to you.


When registering as a member, the customer hereby authorizes BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC the use of personally identifiable data provided to:

  • Create website features and functionalities;
  • Fulfil requests for products and services requested by the user
  • Inform the User of the state of their orders, as well as other inquiries for information related to our services and products;
  • Inform the user about our services and products;
  • Internal business needs of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC for internal business purposes, including data analysis, auditing, and so on;
  • Help BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC create more relevant content for users;
  • Inform the user about the results of contests, sweepstakes, and other promotions.

The email address you provide to BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC is used by our encrypted servers to update and inform you about your account and send you certain messages of warning and send out marketing messages and updates from time to a certain point. You can opt-out of receiving messages through your account by simply clicking the unsubscribe link that is located in the footer section of all emails from BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC.

If you opt-out of receiving BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC’s communications, you’ll no longer receive all of our details about our services and products, as well as outcomes of our contests, sweepstakes, and promotions. However, for a short time, you will continue to receive emails about your account with BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC. This feature is currently under review, and once you opt-out, you will not receive any further communications from https://weshopbops.com/ .

6.1 Newsletters and Offers

Users of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC can refer friends and family members to sign up for BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC’s newsletters. BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC reserves its right to utilize the information provided by the person who recommended it for marketing purposes, except if otherwise permitted.

We will utilize non-personally identifiable information to analyze the performance of our website and its usage to better understand the ways that people use our website, and thus enhance our products and services and greatly enhance the experience of users on our website.


The personal information collected is used for the administration of the contractual relationship, the delivery of contractual services, the suitability of our services in relation to your requirements and preferences as well as so we can notify you about our events as well as our services. /products.

According to the GDPR, the processing of personal data needs to be based on a legal basis that legitimizes the processing. This could be, for example, when applicable:

Consent: When you have obtained your express consent in writing, verbally as a result of validating an alternative – and prior consent and when your consent is freely granted clear, precise, and clear. For example, the consent you give to sending marketing messages, profile recordings of calls;

Execution of the contract and pre-contractual due diligence: Provision of services, management of contacts, complaints, invoicing, collection, payments: when the processing of personal data is essential to conclude, execute, and manage the contract agreed with BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC, such as when using the website or requesting information.

Conformity with the legal requirements: where it is necessary to process personal information is required to fulfil an obligation of law to which the BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC is subject, for example, the transmission of information to law enforcement agencies, tax or judicial authorities;

Legitimate interest: where data processing for personal information is in line with a legitimate interest of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC or other third parties, for example, improving the performance of service or detecting fraud, where the motives for their use must predominate over the rights and freedoms of the individual that is concerned.


We collect and keep your personal information in order to meet our legal and contractual obligations. There are instances where the law requires retention and processing of your information for a certain period of time of 10 years, which is in the case of information needed for the purpose of providing information to taxes administration as well as for accounting, tax, or other commercial reasons. In other situations, our data is kept for only the time needed for the purposes to which they were collected, or in the case of appropriate, for the time period that is authorized by the National Data Protection Commission.

In the absence of a particular legal requirement, the data will be used only for the period required to fulfil the purpose for which the information was collected. Stored and always in compliance with regulations, laws, and decision-making of the competent body. In the course of recording calls and compliance with regulatory authorizations, WESHOPBOPS will preserve the recordings as evidence of the commercial transaction and communication within the context of the contractual relationship for the length of the period of validity of the contract entered into by the parties. Plus, the period of limitation and expiration is six months.

8.1 Legal Obligations

https://weshopbops.com/  can also record and store calls for the purposes of checking the quality of service and with the customer’s consent; however, for this reason, calls will only be stored for a maximum time that is 30 days.

In relation to the video surveillance on their premises, WESHOPBOPS keeps only the images recorded as well as the personal information associated with them for a maximum which is thirty days.

8.2 Legal Duration

The company can also store other personal information for longer than the term of the contract relationship, whether in the context of your consent of you, in order to protect rights or obligations that are related to the contract, or because you have a legitimate interest in which they are based but only for the duration strictly necessary to meet the objectives and in compliance to the guidelines and the decisions that are issued by the GPDR body.


In general, WESHOPBOPS does not share your personal information with other individuals or companies that are not affiliated with it without your permission. But, WESHOPBOPS provides data to its service providers and agents as well as others who are trusted by us only for certain purposes, for example:

  • The sale of certain goods and services to you at our physical store.
  • Support for customers through services;
  • The management of information on behalf of us;
  • Improve the functionality and features of the site.

In these instances, in such cases, we require the individual to consent to the use of information only for the purposes that we have provided it for and in compliance with our privacy policies. The partners are contractually and legally bound by WESHOPBOPS’s privacy policies.

When you sign up on our website when you sign up for a promotion (for instance, an event, sweepstakes, or contest) or any other service we provide through an outside entity, you agree that we may disclose your personal information (such as your name, your email address, and your account activity) to third-party providers in the event that you have been authorized to do so.

WESHOPBOPS provides its suppliers with the first name and city/district/country of residence of WESHOPBOPS customers who have purchased WESHOPBOPS products from this supplier. WESHOPBOPS is also able to disclose information about customers (including the name of the user address, phone number, and address and the activity of their accounts) whenever it considers it appropriate or required, in its absolute discretion:


You are able to access third-party vendor websites directly through our website. However, this privacy statement is not applicable when the user visits third-party websites. It is not able to control how third-party websites use the personal information you give to them. Therefore, you should read carefully the privacy policies of any website that you visit prior to sharing the personal data you have provided to your service provider. Services.

Within WESHOPBOPS, employees who need their data to comply with contractual/pre-contractual and legal obligations have access to your data.

The company also processes data that is not located in Portugal and in the European Economic Area (EEA), which data protection laws might not provide the same level of protection as those in the USA or the EEA.


Every time you create an account through the website, you’re required to select an account password for the security of your personal information and also to input your email addresses.

The User is accountable for ensuring the confidentiality of his password and User account. He is responsible for all actions that are performed using his password and account. The user is able to change his password as often as he likes by following the steps provided to him within his private space.

The User accepts:

  • Notify WESHOPBOPS immediately of any misuse of the user account or any other security breach;
  • Your user account will be closed at the end of each session.
  • WESHOPBOPS is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the user’s failure to adhere to this clause.
11.1. How can we safeguard your personal information?

If you purchase or access your account details, we employ commonly accepted and acceptable security measures, both organizational and technical, to safeguard all the data we gather about you.

Additionally, as stated earlier, the information in the user’s account at WESHOPBOPS is secured by a password to safeguard the privacy and security of the account owner. The user must be sure to safeguard the security of the password he selects to avoid unauthorized gain access to the password or access to his computer.

The user may decide not to supply certain information to WESHOPBOPS; however, this could lead to not being able to access certain functions on our website because the information could be required for the user:

  • Sign up as a member
  • Take part in a promotion, contest, or sweepstakes.
  • Ask a question;
  • You can also start other transactions on our website.

Furthermore, WESHOPBOPS protects your data from any unauthorized disclosure or access through different security measures, like security tools for encryption as well as authentication to ensure the integrity, security, and accessibility of your personal data. Personal. We will highlight the following steps:


Access to installations for security Access to facilities (including contractors) is restricted to employees and, in some circumstances, only to those approved by WESHOPBOPS. CCTV cameras guarantee the physical security of employees as well as documents.

The company has a data protection policy that is enshrined in the WESHOPBOPS code of conduct that is applicable to all employees.

Security measures that are logical:

  • Computer systems are secured through login and password that is based on different levels of security and should be maintained regularly;
  • The entire network of computers at WESHOPBOPS is secured with firewalls, antivirus, and monitoring of software installed;
  • Utilization of SSL in the domain
  • Utilization of encryption technology to facilitate the transfer or storage of sensitive information.

WESHOPBOPS, in line with the provisions of GDPR, grants the individuals the right to:

Right to access the right to know your personal information which is being processed, what is the purpose of the processing, as well as the retention times, etc.

Right to rectification: the right to request the correction of your personal data that is inaccurate or request the completion of personal information that is not complete, like email address, SN, address, phone numbers, addresses, or others.

Rights to being forgotten Right to be forgotten: the right to seek the deletion of your personal information in the event that there is any legitimate reason not to keep the data, such as when WESHOPBOPS must keep the information in order fulfil an obligation of law or because legal proceedings are in the process.

Right to transferability: the right to have the information we have requested in a widely used machine-readable format.

Right to limit: the right to ask for the limitation of processing your personal information in the form of I) suspension of processing or) limit the scope of processing to specific categories of data or the purposes for the processing.

Rights to withdraw consent, or right to object: the right to refuse or to withdraw consent at any time in relation to personal processing data solely on the basis of this consent, such as when it comes to the processing of data for the purpose of marketing if no legitimate interest is greater than its rights, freedoms, and interests such as the right to defend the rights of a person who has a legal claim.

Right to complain: right to make a complaint to the authority that supervises national and online data privacy.


Please contact us at privacy@weshopbops.com with any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy (for example, the type of data stored or if you wish to acquire a copy, request the deletion or change of these data).

Following receipt of the evidence of the identity of the user After receipt of the documents proving the identity of the User, we will give you access to the information, and the user can request the removal, correction, or deletion of all or any part of the information.