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Please read these Terms of Usage carefully to understand how they affect the access and use of this site. Anyone who accesses the website of WESHOPBOPS or its affiliates (hereinafter called “WESHOPBOPS”) implicitly accepts the terms and conditions set forth within these general conditions of use. If you do not agree with the following conditions, we recommend that you report the situation to WESHOPBOPS’s email address info@weshopbops.com and do not use this website.
The site includes images, Products, clothing items, beauty items, jewelry, women clothing, tops, Black-owned products, graphics, photos, samples of documents, illustrations, text music, fonts, as well as other information (hereinafter known as “content”), which are the exclusive property of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC.


The user of https://weshopbops.com/ by accessing this site accepts:
Join the site and create one profile under your name or your name on behalf of a legally authorized person in the event that you are able to do so and are authorized to provide truthful details, and avoid having multiple accounts or profiles in the name of third parties without adequate representation powers;
Don’t either upload or download, share email, upload, or send the following content:
• Which is unlawful, pornographic, or incites hatred. It is in violation of laws regarding child pornography as well as sexual exploitation of minors and encourages or promotes risky actions that could result in physical, mental as well as moral damage to youngsters, which could be racially, ethnically or politically, socially, legally morally, or religiously objectionable or infuriating or violate the rights of third parties, such as the right to protection of intellectual property or privacy;
• which could infringe on any trademark, patent or trade secret, intellectual copyright right, or the proprietary rights of any individual. In order to avoid doubt, the User may only share works of his paternity, and therefore, the work must be original. It means that the user is not allowed to use images of celebrities or the products of businesses, or texts, images, or graphics are taken from a specific site without the written consent of the website’s owner. The User cannot create a “new” image or slogan made of image elements or quotations that others have created.
• That encourages or constitutes a crime or illicit or illegal activity and violates the rights of anyone that violates any law, rule, or regulation.
• that includes the sending of unwelcome or unintentional promotional materials, unsolicited mail, chain mail, or any other type of solicitation
• Information that is inaccurate or that is misleading;
• or any other material that may contain software viruses or other computer software or any files or programs created to disrupt, destroy or restrict the capabilities of any hardware, software, or telecommunications equipment
• It is not a violation of an identity or the person’s name of a legal or natural person or to alter the User’s relationship to the legal or natural person in a blatantly or wrong manner;
• To not disrupt or misuse the Website, any of our services, promotions or discounts account, system resources servers or networks, or any other websites connected to our Website or accessible via our website, or to compromise the security of those websites;
• Don’t use, alter with, or access private areas on the website. If you access it in error and without authorization, the areas of the Website could be liable for legal action.
• Do not transfer the User’s WESHOPBOPS Account to another individual without the prior written permission of WESHOPBOPS;
• Don’t copy, alter, or share the rights or information on the website, its services, or tools, and do not copy the copyrights and trademarks of WESHOPBOPS.


It is acknowledged by the user to the fact that all content that is made available on or through the site by BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC or its advertisers or any other third party is protected under trademarks or patents, service marks, by-laws or copyrights, and other rights to proprietary. The user is not permitted to make use of or distribute any content downloaded from the site without the written permission of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC and/or the owner of the content.
You acknowledge and accept that the Website, as well as the software accessible to you or utilized to access the Website, may contain confidential and proprietary information which is protected by intellectual property laws as well as other laws.
In the event that User is in conformity to the conditions and terms of this Agreement, BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC grants User a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to make use of the program to the extent that is necessary to access this Website and relies on the user’s obligation, not to alter, lease, transfer or lend money or distribute derivative works that are based on the software or the website whether in whole or part.
BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC provides the User with the User a non-exclusive, revocable, as well as limited right to utilize the platform and content such as images, photographs, and images of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC products to promote and advertise the website, in which case the User must include a proper reference to the source of the content, as well as a hyperlink directly to the WESHOPBOPS’s website. However, https://weshopbops.com/ retains the option to end the license at any time.



The distinctive logos such as product images and trademarks of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC are not permitted to be used to describe products or services not associated with BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC or in any manner likely to confuse the customers or any manner that damages or discredits the image of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC. Other trademarks not owned by BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC which appear on this site are the sole property and rights of the owners who could or might not be associated with https://weshopbops.com/ .
The site and its contents are the sole rightful property of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC, which holds the copyrights in question or the rights of third parties that have granted permission to BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC to use the property.
It is explicitly forbidden to copy, retain or distribute, broadcast, or otherwise use the content subject to the conditions of use. BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC is entitled to change or delete any portion of the contents at any moment and without prior notice.


The intellectual property protected by BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC arises when an idea is made tangible. Intellectual property may be trademarks, patents, industrial design, or any other type of creation that is legally gained. BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC recognizes all intellectual rights owned by third-party companies. BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC may suspend the accounts of users who infringe or infringe on third parties’ copyrights or other intellectual property rights.
If the user is aware that their content was copied in a manner that could result in trademark or copyright violation, they are asked to inform WESHOPBOPS and give the following details (“Notification “):
• A signature, whether digital or manually signed, of the person who is authorized to represent the owner of the trademark or copyright;
• An explanation of copyrighted work or trademark that is allegedly violated;
• The user’s address, phone number, and email address;
• A statement made by the user that, in their honest belief, the use in question was not permitted by the copyright owner, trademark owner, agent, or by the law;
• A statement from You, signed under penalty of perjury. You affirm that the information contained in the Notice You received is correct and that You have the authority to be acting on behalf of the owner of the trademark or copyright of the trademark or copyright in question.



When you sign up for your account with BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC on their website, you will be asked to select a password to ensure the security of your personal information and also to input your email addresses.
The User is accountable for ensuring the security of his password and User account. He is accountable for any actions performed through making use of the password and User account. The user is able to change his password as often as he wants using the guidelines provided to him in his private space.

The User accepts:
• It is imperative to immediately inform WESHOPBOPS of any unauthorized use of the user account or any other security breach;
• Your user account will be closed at the end of each session.
• WESHOPBOPS is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the user’s failure to adhere to this provision.


The general conditions will be subject to provisions by the international GDPR laws and are subject to the legal jurisdiction that is the jurisdiction of the USA courts. The contract’s language is English for all the users.


If any of the clauses of these general conditions and terms were to be declared invalid in a court case, the nullity would not invalidate all the other clauses that would still have the effect.


The mere fact for parties who are not availing their rights temporarily or permanently to one or more of these general conditions is not in any way the waiver of their rights to avail themselves of the remaining general conditions.


The user agrees that BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC can, in the sole discretion of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC, end this Agreement which includes but is not limited to the cancellation of their password or account (or any component of it) or use of the site, and erase or remove any content that the user-created content for the site at any time, and with or without reason.
BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC can, at its sole discretion and at any point, decide not to offer the Website or any part thereof accessible at any time, with or without notice. Any termination of accessibility to this Website pursuant to any clause of this Agreement can be done without notice. You acknowledge and acknowledge that WESHOPBOPS can, with immediate effect, remove or deactivate your account as well as all associated documents and information. Within your account and restrict further access to the website files.
Additionally, the User accepts that BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC will not be responsible to the User or any third party for any suspension of the use of the website. If the user is dissatisfied with one of the conditions or clauses of the contract or if he’s unhappy in any way with the site, the only method of recourse is to immediately cease using the website and/or terminate their account. To do this, users must send an e-mail containing this request to the email address info@weshopbops.com.
The termination of this Agreement does not impact the mutual rights and obligations (including but not limited to payment obligations) that existed from the day before the termination.


Your agreement to defend the rights of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC, indemnify and indemnify BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC from any judgments, losses, expenses, liabilities, and other expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees and expert costs and litigation costs that arise from or are based upon:
The information that the user uploads to publishes, or transmits via the Website;
• The use of the Website by the User;
• The connection of the User to the Website
• Breach of contract by the user;
• Infringement of Third-party rights by the user.


The risks that come with using this site by the User are entirely the user’s responsibility. The information on this website, as well as the other products, information, and services that are offered on it, are made available on a non-definitive an as-is basis.
The website and its contents are provided without any warranty or representation of any sort, either express or implied, such as, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use, or any other breach of rights. This includes:
Any warranties of title and implied guarantees of quality, merchantability, fitness to any particular purpose, or the non-infringement of intellectual property rights, including without limitation to the conditions described below:

BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC is not liable for:
• The website or its content will be able to meet the requirements of the User;
• The website or service will function continuously and be up-to-date, secure, or non-error-prone;
• The quality of any product or services, information, or other material that is purchased or obtained via the Website will be in line with the expectations of the User;
• Any defects, if they exist, are to be rectified;
• Concerning unauthorized access or our secure servers or financial or personal information stored on them;
• The presence of viruses, bugs, or similar that could be transferred to or through our Services through any third party;
It is possible that references or hyperlinks to products or services offered by independent organizations may be found on the website. These links and references are made available without any warranty, express or implied.
The user acknowledges that BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC will not be held responsible for any harm caused by the user due to the site or any information on the website. The User agrees to accept the risks involved with using this website, including all software, content, or data published by the website or downloaded or accessible through or via it, which are entirely at the user’s risk. The User acknowledges and accepts all responsibility for any harm caused by the website.


There is no relationship between BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC nor its employees, officers or directors, agents, suppliers, or any other parties who are involved in the development or production, transmission, or distribution of BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC services or the services that are related to them under any circumstance or circumstances, including, but not limited to, in the occasion of negligence on their or its accountable for any damages or losses that is direct or indirect in nature, including, but not limited to, exclusion, damages for the loss of profit, natural disaster happening, data, or any other intangible damages (even if BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC was advised of the possibility of such damages or liabilities could be caused by negligence) in the following manner:
• The inability or use of the website; make use of the website
• The cost of buying goods and services in order to replace products, data, information, or services that are purchased or received, or messages or transactions made on or via the Website;
• Unauthorized access to or modification of user’s data or transmissions;
• The content or actions of third-party users on the website, or
• Any other questions relating to the website?
The user acknowledges that BOPs ENTERPRISES LLC has no responsibility for any third party’s unlawful, defamatory, or offensive content or behaviour and that the possibility of harm or injury that may result from such content is entirely on that user’s account.


WESHOPBOPS offers you the confidence that the items and products are top quality. If you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, you can call WESHOPBOPS and adhere to the return procedure.
WESHOPBOPS commits itself to satisfy customers very carefully. However, some circumstances are out of our control and therefore are not covered by the warranty. We cannot be held accountable for:
• The client’s punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors;
• Low resolution or poor quality of uploaded images
• Design errors committed by the client during the creation of the product;
• The incorrect selection of options, for example, the quantity, finish, or type of product
• Defects in the product that were discovered after shipment to the buyer;
• The address provided by the customer.


The company https://weshopbops.com/ can alter or change the Website, including its Content and Services, at any point without notice. To ensure you understand your rights as a User and obligations as a user, We recommend that you read these terms of service every time you visit this website.